Morning Garden

computer childHands Together Morning Garden – The Morning Garden reaches out to the homeless and at risk children and families in Santa Ana. They consist of the most marginalized and at risk youth in Orange County and often require extra attention and care.

Morning Garden creates a safe place for the children to learn and offers various training and support services for their parents. For many, our program is the best chance they have of establishing hope and turning their lives around.

Our program also features a workforce development and social enterprise component. More info available here.

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Morning Garden is a unique preschool and parent education program for homeless families and families in transition who have preschool aged children. Morning Garden provides a safe haven for parents to bring their children where Hands Together helps foster their social, emotional, and educational development. These especially vulnerable children are provided an early childhood education in a calm and safe environment. Our goal exceeds the traditional need to provide a high quality preschool program so they will be prepared for educational success in later years.

This early childhood education program is modeled after the esteemed Waldorf schools. We offer developmentally appropriate, structured activities that help young children learn how to play well together, share resources, respect others and ultimately provide the foundation for future educational achievements.

Parents are encouraged to participate in parenting and vocational training classes while their children engage in learning opportunities through social interaction with other children. The parental programs focus on the instruction of basic life and survival skills such as financial literacy, interview skills, resume preparation and GED acquisition. We also teach nutrition and low cost meal preparation. All of these components support the personal and professional development of extremely poor families. Our program recognizes the potential for success in all people, including parents experiencing homelessness. Resource development funds fully support this unique and valuable program for those in the greatest of need.

The employees and volunteers at Morning Garden are deeply committed to assisting parents with their needs. We emphasis language classes, including English as a second language, vocational training and job search assistance, letters of reference, resume writing, referrals to local resources, exercise, nutrition and cooking classes and emotional support. At Morning Garden, families grow and become self-sufficient community members.

Thanks to your charitable giving  Morning Garden is now open Monday through Friday.