Children’s Literacy Center

2015 GradsHands Together Literacy Center – At Hands Together we believe learning to read at an early age is crucial to a child’s academic development. Our Literacy Center focuses on programs that teaches 3 to 5 year old at-risk children the basics they will need for kindergarten. We emphasize and develop their creativity while teaching them about the world around them in English. Equally important, we encourage parents to get involved in their children’s education early on,  thus developing the crucial role that parents will play in their future education.

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Hands Together Literacy Center pursues our vision by providing high quality early education to children from low income families. At the Literacy Center we know that a child progresses in emotional, social, physical, and intellectual development in an orderly sequence and at their own individual pace. Our curriculum reflects this individual development through activities that appeal to children in their various stages of development while incorporating our families’ cultural diversity. Our early childhood curriculum strives to help children become enthusiastic learners. We encourage children to be active and creative explorers.

Our staff truly believes that literacy is one of the most important components for young children’s educational success. We provide children with daily opportunities to promote literacy through reading, singing, and our lending library. We recognize that parents are a child’s first and most important teachers and our programs are designed to encourage the family relationships needed to promote early literacy while developing the entire family.

Our program supports families through English classes, parenting classes, and additional resources are available. Our center promotes a sense of collaborative partnership with families and as a result, we have elected the Parent Advisory Council (PAC) as a communication link between the center and families. Members of the PAC participate in their children’s individual classrooms, provide input to the program, assist with special events, establish goals, and manage fundraising activities to support the center as a whole.

The Hands Together Literacy Center educators are deeply aware of the tremendous positive impact that high quality early education has on a child’s life. The positive learning environment we create provides children a healthy foundation for their educational growth and development, a foundation that is crucial for their lifelong success. We are mindful of what matters most.

A hundred years from now, it will not matter what kind of car I drove, what kind of house I lived in, how much money I had in the bank… but the world may be a better place because I made a difference in the life of a child ~ Forest Witchcraft