Miguelito’s Success Story by Diana

I came to Hands Together with lot of concern and anxiety for my son’s future. My son was a very spirited, impulsive child who would take risks with no sense of the dangerous consequences. I tried different ways to manage my son’s challenging behavior, but because of my lack of skills, I failed again and again. Many times, my son risked hurting himself because of his behavior, such things as jumping from furniture or crossing the street with no caution. I was really desperate. I enrolled my child in Hands Together hoping to obtain the support and help that I needed.

The first week of school was hard. Every day I asked about my son’s behavior, knowing the answer in advance: he was aggressive, he did not listen to instructions, and he was not cautious. But I saw the dedication and care the staff had for my son. At Hands Together, my son got what I always hoped for – help from a specialist. After a referral to the Behavioral Health Specialist, my son is happy and healthy, and I can see his behavior improving every day. My son has learned to share and follow directions. These changes have helped him to be eager to learn.

I, too, have benefited from Hands Together. I am attending English classes while my son is in preschool. Because I am volunteering in the classroom, I have learned strategies to support my son’s learning at home and have gained skills to prepare my son to be successful when he enters kindergarten.

I am thankful for the Hands Together staff for the help and support they have given me and my son. Furthermore, I urge donors with all my heart to continue to support this program to bring hope and opportunities for children of low-income families. Our children deserve a better future and the opportunity to become the pride of this blessed country.


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