My Success Story by Anthony

Before attending Hands Together, my son was very reserved and not very social with other children or people. But since he has been in school, I have seen a great change. He has made many friends, and he cooperates more in class. My wife and I have noticed his progress and are very happy with the help from his school.

I know that if children have a great start such as my son is getting at Hands Together, they will have a better chance at being good citizens of the community. To obtain a proper education, children need books, appropriate school supplies, and high quality programs. Hands Together is needed to guide our children in their upbringing.

Low-income families have a dream for their children to be successful in life. Parents can provide love and time, but we need help to provide the high quality education needed so that our children can find a proper path, a path that leads to success where they can become doctors, lawyers, officers, or even politicians. That is our dream. Your donations to Hands Together can make our dreams come true.

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